Portable/Modular Mini Golf

Everybody loves mini golf!

Redmax strives to offer “Creative Event Solutions” and our mini golf is no exception! With our focus on mobile events, it is important that our inventory is portable and modular allowing us to transport it to events all over while still offering a quality product. Our mini golf features 18 pre-designed holes. Each hole is individual, meaning we can setup anywhere from 1-18 holes for your event allowing us to accommodate all spaces and budgets. Our portable mini golf is a great way to entertain your guests for your next special event.

Mini golf is the ultimate crowd-pleaser for any event, offering guests a delightful way to join in the festivities. Beyond being a source of pure enjoyment, it serves as a magnet for drawing in diverse clientele. From corporate offices seeking team-building activities to restaurants and breweries looking to spice up their ambiance, mini golf adds an irresistible allure. It’s a guaranteed hit at festivals and fairs, especially on sunny summer days, bringing people of all ages together for a memorable experience.


Our mini golf systems are pre-designed holes that are made out of a strong composite material that snaps together on site. This allows us to deploy our mini golf at virtually any location. These tiles also have built in drainage for outdoor use.

Drum Riser

Modular Interlocking System

Drum Riser

Quick Installation and Assembly

Drum Riser

Professional Unique Look

Key Features

Product Features & Benefits

Course offerings & options

Optimal course locations

  • Courses can be deployed indoors or outdoors
  • Minimal site prep work required, allowing installation on virtually any surface

  • Lightweight, durable, and weather resistant
  • Excellent drainage perfect for outdoor applications
  • Convert under-utilized space
  • Increase time spent on location allowing for a boost in other facility revenue
  • Redmax Events houses a full 18 hole course

  • Can deploy as little as one hole or as many as eighteen holes
  • 9 holes requires a minimum of approx 1500sf

  • 18 holes requires a minimum of approx 3000sf

  • Dozens of “obstacle” options available with the ability to fabricate custom obstacles

  • Option to change colors, themes, or even add brands
  • Schools / Universities

  • Breweries / Wineries
  • Villages / Parks

  • Corporate Offices

  • Festivals / Street Fairs

  • Hotels And Resorts
  • Shopping centers, malls, and retail businesses

  • Campgrounds
  • Family Entertainment Centers
Mini Golf in A Mall
mini golf on baseball field

Customize Your Course

Fully customize the Redmax mini golf course to adhere to your specific brand or event! Our design team will work closely with you to bring your visions onto the course. From a custom wrapped course and clubs to custom fabriacted props and obstacles, this is a fun and unique way to let your brand stand out from all the others.

mini golf
Mini Golf - Audible
Mini Golf Bridge
Mini golf with custom wrap and obstacles
AMEX Mini Golf

Ready to Golf?

Ready to golf? Or still not sure if our mini golf system will work for your venue or event? Give our team a call to discuss your vision! We are available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Our team will create a custom quote and package that fits your needs and budget. Our mini golf is available for single events or multi-day/long-term rentals.

We want all users to have a great experience on our website. If you are having trouble with understanding any portion of this website please call us at 1(800)804-4889.

We want all users to have a great experience on our website. If you are having trouble with understanding any portion of this website please call us at 1(800)804-4889.